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55 19 3421 5196

Rodovia SP 127, Km 30,

Vila Fátima CP: 28

CEP 13400-970
Piracicaba, SP. Barsil





Our research group is comprised of professionals and students in fields of genetics and ecology, with focus on projects in the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado, as well as studies on insect pests.
Lead by the researcher and professor Maria Imaculada Zucchi, we seek to understand the processes involved in the establishment and maintenance of genetic diversity and structure of species using molecular markers.



The projects developed by the group have focused on population genetics and population genomics. These projects have as objectives  conservation of native species in the state of São Paulo and support of agricultural crops, particularly sugar cane. The group is also initiating environmental education activities with students from public schools in Piracicaba.


Conservation Gentics


Genetic Diversity



Population Genomics

Ecological Restoration

Crossing Rate​


Landscape Genetics


Environmental Education

News and Publications

Folder to Environment Education activities. We are already visiting public schools from Piracicaba. Take a look.

The video "DNA and Environment" is available to download here.


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