Research leader

Camila Menezes Trindade Macrini
Postdoctoral researcher

Ph.D in Genetics and Molecular Biology (Unicamp). Conducts researches in the fields of Population Genetics and Conservation Genomics.

Kaiser Dias Schwarcz

Postdoctoral researcher

Ph.D in Genetics and Molecular Biology (Unicamp).

Works with genetic diversity and local adaptation in tropical tree species.







Vitor Antonio Côrrea Pavinato

Postdoctoral researcher
​PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology (Unicamp). Conducts researches in NGS technologies for the study of  short term evolution in insect species, like resistance to inseticides and host shift.

Carolina Grando
PhD student




Ellida de Aguiar Silvestre
PhD student



Patricia Sanae Sujii

Ph.D. student
M.Sc. in Genetics and Molecular Biology (Unicamp). Conducts researches in the field of population genetics, emphasized in conservation of native species.


Alessandro Alves Pereira

Ph.D. student
M.Sc. in Genetics, Conservation and evolutionary Biology (INPA). Conducts researches in genomics and population genetics applied to the study of evolutionary history of Amazonian crops and for the conservation of its genetic resources.​​

Fátima Donizete Pelissari Saturno
Técnica de laboratório



Research partners

Maria Imaculada Zucchi
Researcher (coordinator)

Ph.D in Genetics and Plant Breeding (ESALQ/USP). Currently advises and teaches in the post-graduation program of University of Campinas (Unicamp), and is researcher in APTA.

Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues

Ph.D. Professor - ESALQ/USP


Anete Pereira de Souza

Ph.D. Professor - UNICAMP



José Baldin Pinheiro
Ph.D. Professor - ESALQ/USP


Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion

Ph.D. Professor - ESALQ/USP



Vera Lúcia Pimentel Salazar
Researcher APTA - Polo Centro-Sul


Alexandre S. G. Coelho
Ph.D. Professor - UFG


Cláudia Mira Attanasio
Researcher APTA - Polo Centro-Sul

Roseli B. Torres
Researcher IAC



Dulcineia Elizabete Foltran

Researcher APTA - Tiete


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