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APTA, linked to the Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply, has the mission of coordinating and managing science and technology activities aimed at agribusiness. Its structure comprises the Agronomic (IAC), Biological (IB), Agricultural Economics (IEA), Fisheries (IP), Food Technology (ITAL) and Animal Science (IZ) Institutes and 15 Regional Centers strategically distributed in the State of São Paulo.

APTA Research Institutions meet the technological demand of the various agribusiness production chains, using their potential to generate and transfer knowledge, in a vision of sustained development (focus on innovation with social and environmental responsibility). For this, they are supported by the professional training of their researchers and technicians.
Through their activities of research and production of goods and services, APTA Institutions contribute to regional development, scientific and technological innovation and the strengthening of the economy based on agribusiness.

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